Shubham Jaykar :- We Introduce You To A Musician Who Is Making A New And Different Identity In The Field Of Music.


We are going to tell you about that Indian artist. Who are moving ahead in the field of Indian music by taking and making their own identity. The name of that artist is Shubham Jaykar . Shubham Jaykar is one such Indian musician. Who has made such a mark in the field of music at the young age of 16. Who is an inspiration to people of his age. Recently they have all the platforms of music. It has been verified on them, Shubham Jaykar has said while stating this in one of his recent interviews.

That no one in his family belonged to the field of music or Indian music. It was a very difficult and different decision for him. Even his parents did not accept this decision. But seeing his success and his dedication to work, his parents helped him a lot in doing all these things, he said. Now his family members are very happy with this decision taken by him.

Describing his musical journey, Shubham Jaykar said that his first song which was “Baby I Need You”. which did not become popular. But after 1 year again he stepped into the field of music with a new song which was named “Payar Ki Nisani” which came with Vishwajeet Jaykar. And that song got a lot of success on YouTube.

And he also said that he works with a record label. Whose name is “Jaykar’s Music Company”. And stay connected with that. And he has said this in a big disclosure. That he has a very big album song coming up in which he is working with many big stars.






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