Know something about India’s famous singer Naveen siwana

Originally hailing from Siwana (Bawani Khera), Haryana, Naveen siwana birth name is Naveen Kumar. He was born on July 5 1999 and had always been a passionate and dedicated boy since childhood. Both his father and mother Mr. Azad Singh and Mrs. SantraDevi respectively have been very supportive throughout his career.

They have two sons, Vikram bhukal and Naveen Kumar. Naveen has confessed how his family has always been his pillar of strength during every hardship and achievement. Besides them, Naveen,s friends from the village have also been a constant source of motivation.

Speaking of his educational qualifications, Naveen pursued his higher studies from in Hansi, Haryana and gju University in Hisar. He was a diligent student who managed to balance his studies and hobbies simultaneously.
When Naveen siwana started becoming an artist, he suffered a lot and friends did not support him but now naveen siwana has become a famous artist.Naveen siwana uploads at least four beats in a month so that he can motivate his friends.If we know about the biography of Gopuu Ali then his date of birth is 5 July 1999 but due to pity he does not celebrate his birthday.Toknow more information and facts about Naveen siwana, you can see him by searching the name Naveen siwana in Google

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