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.: Classes of Industries Covered Under EPF & MP Act, 1952 :.

Date of Extension Code Industries/Class of Establishment
(1 to 6) 1st Nov, 1952 1 Cement
2 Cigarettes
3 Electrical, Mechanical or General Engineering Products
4 Iron and Steel
5   Paper
6 Textiles (made wholly or in Part of Cotton or wool or jute or silk whether natural or artificial)
6A Jute
(7-19) 31st July,1956 7 Edible Oils and Fats
8 Sugar
9 Rubber and rubber products
10 Electricity including generation, transmission and distribution thereof.
11 Tea (except in the state of Assam where the Govt. of Assam have instituted a Separate Provident Fund Scheme for the industry including plantations)
12 Printing (other than printing industry relating to newspaper establishments as defined in the Working Journalists (conditions of Service and Misc. Provisions Act1955)) including the process of composing types for printing, printing by letter press, lithogra­phy, photogravure or similar process or book binding
13 Stone-ware pipes
14 Sanitary Wares
15 Electrical porcelain Insulators of high and low tension
16 Refractories
17 Tiles
18 Matches
19 Glass
Note: Till the 31st March 1962 the Scheme was not applicable to the following: 
(i) Match factories having annual Production of five lakhs/gross boxes of matches or less.
(ii)  Such glass factories other than sheet glass shell factories as have an installed capacity of 600 tones per month or less. 
(20-23) 30th Sept., 1956 20 Heavy and Fine chemicals including:
(i) Fertilizer
(ii)  Turpentine
(iii) Resin
(iv) Medical and pharmaceuticals preparations
(v) Toilet Preparations
(vi) Soaps
(vii) Inks
(viii) Intermediates dyes colour lacs and toners
(ix) Fatty Acids
(x) Oxygen acetylene and Carbon Di-Oxide gases. 
(The Act was actually enforced in the industry with effect from 31.7.57)
21 Indigo
22 Lac including Shellac
23 Non-edible vegetables and animal oils and fats
31st Dec., 1956 24 Newspaper establishments.
31st Jan.,1957 25 Mineral Oil Refining
(26 to 30A) 30th April,1957 26 Tea plantations (Other than the tea plantations in the State of Assam
27 Coffee Plantations
28 Rubber plantations
29 Cardamom plantations
30 Pepper plantations
30A Mixed plantations
(31-37) 30th Nov.,1957 31 Iron Ore Mines
32 Manganese Mines
33 Limestone Mines
34 Gold Mines
35 Industrial and Power Alcohol
36 Asbestos Cement Sheets
Limestone Mines 37 Coffee curing establishments
30th April,1958 38 Biscuit making industry (including composite units making biscuit and Products such as bread, confectionery and milk and milk powder)
30th April,1959 39 Road Motor Transport establishments
(40 & 41) 31st May,1960 40 Mica Industry
41 Mica Mines
(42 and 43) 30th June,1960 42 Plywood
43 Automobile repairing and servicing
30th Nov. 1960 44 Cane farms owned by sugar factories
(45-47) 31st Dec.1960 45 Rice Milling
46 Dal Milling
47 Flour Milling
31st May,1961 48 Starch
(49-53) 30th June,1961 49 Hotels
50 Restaurants
51 Establishments engaged in the Storage or transport or  distribution of petroleum or Natural gas or products of  either petroleum or natural gas.
52 Petroleum or natural gas Explorations, prospecting drilling or production.
53 Petroleum or natural gas refining
(54-58) 31st July,1961 54 Cinemas (including Preview theaters)
55 Film Production
56 Film Studios
57 Distribution concerns dealing with exposed films
58 Film Processing Laboratories
31st August,1961 59 Leather and Leather products Industries/Classes of Establishments
(60 and 61) 30th Nov.,1961 60 Stoneware Jars
61 Crockery
31st December, 1961 62 Every cane farm owned by the owner or occupier of a sugar factory or cultivated by such owner or occupier or any person on his behalf.
30th April,1962 63 Every Trading and commercial establishments engaged in the Purchase, sale or storage of any good including establishment of exporter, importer advertiser, commission agents and brokers and commodity and stock exchanges, but not including banks or warehouses established under any Central or State Act.
30th June,1962 64 Fruit and vegetable preservation
30th Sept.,1962 65 Cashew nuts
(66 to 70) 31st Oct.,1962 66 Establishments engaged in the processing or treatment of wood including manufacture of hardboard chipboard, jute or textile wooden accessories, cork products, wooden furnitures, wooden sports goods, cane or bamboo products, wooden battery separators. 
67 Saw mills
68 Wood seasoning kilns
69 Wood preservation plants
70 Wood workshop
31st Dec.,1962 71 Bauxite Mines
31st March,1963 72 Confectionery
(73 to77)  30th April 1963 73 Laundry and Laundry services
74 Buttons
75 Brushes
76 Plastic and plastic products
77 Stationery products 
31st May,1963 78 Theaters where dramatic performance or other forms of entertainments are held and where payment is required to be made for admission as audience or spectators. 
(79 and 80) 31st May,1963 79 Societies, clubs or associations which provide board or lodging or both  facility for amusement or any other service to any of their member or to any of their guest on payments. 
80 Companies, societies, associations, clubs or troupes which give any exhibition or acrobatic or other performance or both, in any arena circular or otherwise or perform or permit any other form of entertainment in any place, other than a theater, and require payments for admission into such exhibition or entertainment as spectators or audience.
(81 and 82) 31st August,1963 81 Canteens
82 Aerated water, soft drinks or carbonated water w.e.f. 31st Oct. 
31st Oct.,1963 83 Distilling and rectifying of spirits (not falling under industrial and power alcohol) and blending of spirits
(84 and 85) 31st Jan.,1964 84 Paint and Varnish
85 Bone crushing
(86 and 87) 30th June,1964 86 Pickers
87 China Clay Mines
(88 to 93)  31st Oct.,1964 88 Attorneys as defined in the Advocates Act, 1961 (25 of 1961)
89 Chartered or registered Accountants as defined in the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949. (38 of 1949)
90 Cost and Works Accountants within the meaning of the cost and Works Accountants Act, 1959 (23 of 1959)
91 Engineers and Engineering Contractors not being exclusively engaged in building and construction industry.
92 Architects
93 Medical practitioners and Medical specialists
31st Dec., 1964        94 Milk and milk products
(95 to 97) 31st Jan., 1965 95 Travel agencies engaged in:
(i) Booking of international air and sea passengers and other travel arrangements and
(ii) Booking of internal air and mail passengers and other travel
(iii) Forwarding and clearing of cargo from and to overseas and within India
96 Forwarding agencies engaged in the collecting, packing, forwarding or delivery of any goods including cargo; loading break bulk service and foreign freight service. 
97 Non-ferrous metals and alloys in the form of ingots
31st March,1965 98 Bread
30th June,1965 99 Steaming, redrying, handling, sorting, grading or packing of tobacco leaf.
31st July,1965 100 Agarbatee (including dhoop and dhoopbatee)
31st August,1965 101 Magnesite Mines
30th Sept.,1965 102 Coir (excluding the spinning sector)
31st Dec.,1965 103 Stone quarries producing roof and floor slabs, dimension stones, monumental stones and mosaic chips stones and mosaic chips. 
31st Jan.,1966 104 Banks other than the nationalized banks established under any Central or State Act;
30th June,1966 105 Tobacco industry that is to say any industry engaged in the manufacture of Cigars, Zarda, Snuff, Quivam and Guraku from Tobacco.
31st July,1966 106 Paper Products
30th Sept.,1966 107 Licensed salt
30th April,1967 108 Linoleum
(108 and 109) 109 Indoleum
31st July,1967 110 Explosives
31st August,1967 111 Jute bailing or pressing
31st October,1967 112 Fireworks and percussion cap work
30th Nov.,1967 113 Tent making
(114 to 120) 31st August,1968 114 Barites Mines
115 Dolomite Mines
116 Fireclay Mines
117 Gypsum Mines
118 Kyanite Mines
119 Siliminite Mines
120 Steatite Mines
31st Dec.,1968 121 Cinchona Plantations
30th April,1969 122 Ferro Manganese
(123 and 124) 30th June,1969    123 Ice or ice-cream.
124 Diamond Mines
31st Jan.,1970 125 General insurance business
31st March ,1971 126 Establishments rendering expert service such as supplying of personnel, advice on domestic or departmental enquiries, special service in rectifying pilferage thefts and pay roll irregularities  to factories and establishments on certain terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between the establishments and establishments rendering expert service.
30th Nov.,1971 127 Factories engaged in winding of thread and yarn reeling
31st March,1972 128 Railway booking Agencies run by Contractors or other private
30th Sept.,1972 129 Cotton ginning, bailing and pressing
31st March,1973 130 Every mess, not being a military mess
31st May,1973 131 Katha making
31st August 1973 132 Establishments known as hospitals run by any individual association or institution.
30th April, 1974 133 Beer manufacturing
30th Sept., 1974 134 Sorting, cleaning and testing of cotton waste.
(135 and 136) 30th Nov.,1974 135 Societies, Clubs and associations which render service to their members, without charging any fees over and above the subscription fee or membership fee.
136 Garments making factories
(137 to 140) 31st Dec.,1974 137 Agricultural farms,
138 Fruit orchards
139 Botanical gardens 
140 Zoological gardens.
30th June 1975 141 Soapstone mines and establishments engaged in the grinding of soapstone
(142 to 154) 31st July, 1976 142 Apatite Mines
143 Asbestos Mines
144 Calcite Mines
145 Ball-clay Mines
146 Corundum Mines
147 Emerald Mines
148 Feldspar Mines
149 Silica (sand mines)
150 Quartz Mines
151 Ochre Mines
152 Chromite Mines
153 Graphite Mines
154 Flourite Mines
 (155 to 157) 28th Jan.,1977 155 Establishments which are factories engaged in the manufacture of glue and gelatine.
156 Stone quarries producing stone chips, stone sets, stone boulders and ballasts.
157 Establishments engaged in Fish processing and non-vegetable food preservation industry including bacom factories and pork processing plants.
31st May,1977 158 Establishments engaged in manufacture of beedi. 
31st Dec.,1978 159 Financing establishments other than banks not being the Unit Trust of India, the Agriculture Refinance Corporation, Industrial Development Bank of India, the Industrial Finance Corporation of India, the State Finance Corporation
6th Jan.,1979 160 Lignite Mines
31st July,1979 161 Ferro Chrome
(162 to 164)          31st May,1980         162 Diamond cutting
163 Quarsite Mines
164 Inland water transport establishments
(165 and 166) 31st Oct.,1980 165 Building and construction
166 Manufacture of Myrobalan extract Powder, Myrobalan extract solid and vegetable tanning blended extract
30th Nov.,1980 167 Brick
23rd Nov.,1981 168 Establishments engaged in Stevedoring loading and unloading of ships.
(169 and 170 )         7th Dec.,1981 169 Establishments engaged in poultry farming
170 Establishments engaged in cattle feed industry.
6th March,1982 171 (i) Any University
(ii) Any college, whether or not affiliated to a University.
(iii) Any School, whether or not recognised or aided by the Central or State Government.
(iv) Any scientific institution;
(v) Any institution in which research in respect of any matter is carried on
(vi) Any other institution in which the activity of imparting knowledge or training is systematically carried on
1st Jan.,1984      172 Industries based on asbestos as principal raw material on voluntary basis. 
1st Oct. 1984             173 Cinema theatres employing five or more workers as specified in section 24 of Cine Workers & Cinema Theatre Workers(Regulation of Employment) Act, 1981
16th Sept,1989 174 Industries manufacturing Iron ore pellets
25th Mar.,1992        175 Guar Gum factories
(176 and 177) 1st April,1992 176 Marble mines
177 Diamond saw mills
(178 to 180) 1st April, 2001 : 178 An establishment engaged in rendering Courier services
179 An establishment of aircraft or airlines other than the aircraft or airlines owned or controlled by the Central or State Government.
180 An establishment engaged in rendering cleaning and sweeping services
10th November,2005 181 Any Estt. engaged in construction, maintenance, operation and commercial activities of Railways; other than Indian Railways and other railway establishments owned and controlled by Central or State Government 
27th July, 2006 182 Any establishment engaged in manufacture, marketing, servicing and usage of a computer [as defined in clause (i) of Sub-section (1) of Section 2 of the Information Technology Act (21 of 2000)] / or deriving any form of output therefrom and related processing services.
(183 to 186) 08th December 2007 183 Companies offering Life Insurance, Annuities etc. other than Life Insuarance Corporation of India. 
184 Private Airports and Joint venture Airports.
185 Electronic Media companies in Private Sector.
186 Lodging Houses, Service apartments and condominiums.




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